Village Project Presents 11th Annual San Francisco Kwanzaa Celebration

By Wade Woods

Young Woman Lighting Menorah CandlesKwanzaa is an African American holiday created By Dr. Maulana Karenga at the Black Youth Conference in Los Angles in 1966.

This year’s celebration will take place in seven different neighborhoods. Each celebration will feature cultural programs designed to entertain and engage the entire family. The pouring of libations and the honoring of ancestors will start each program.The schedule of events is as follows:

UMOJA (Unity) Monday, Dec. 26, noon – Museum of African Diaspora, 7 p.m., African American Art and Culture Complex, 762 Fulton St.

KUJICHAGULIA (self-determination) Tuesday, Dec. 27, noon- City Hall, Rotunda; 2 p.m. Hamilton Recreation Center, 1900 Geary Blvd.; 6 p.m. Bay View YMCA, 1601 Lane.

UJIMA (Collective work and responsibility) Wednesday, Dec 28 1 p.m. Western Addition Senior Center 1390 Turk Street. 4:30 p.m. OMI Family Resource Center. 446 Randolph St.

UJAMMA (cooperative economics) Thursday, Dec. 29, Western Addition Senior Center 1390 Turk St. OMI Family Resource Center, 446 Randolph St.

NIA (purpose) Friday, Dec.30, 1 p.m. Boys and Girls Club, 380 Fulton St.; 4 p.m. Glide Memorial Church, 330 Ellis St.

KUUMBA (Creativity) Saturday, Dec. 1 p.m., Success S.F. Jazz Heritage Center, 1330 Fillmore Center; 4 p.m. Bay View Opera House 4705- 3rd St.

The closing celebration will be Sun. Jan 1 at St. Cyprian Episcopal Street at Lyon and Turk streets, featuring last feast and the lighting of the candles.

For more information, call Adrian Williams at (415) 424-2980.

Coalition Calls on Oakland to Halt Evictions and Find Housing for the Displaced

Civil rights attorney Dan Siegeoakseiglevctnmortrml (speaking) and community members present their demand for an immediate eviction moratorium and to find housing for displaced residents. Photo by Ken Epstein.

The following statement was read at the City Council meeting by the Oakland Justice Coalition and other community members, calling on the city to take immediate action to stop evictions and find housing for Oakland’s displaced residents, including those who are fire victims, live in homeless camps or are losing their homes due to rent increases or building code violations.

“The recent Ghost Ship fire was a wake-up call for those who were not paying attention and a reiteration for those who are, that housing is a matter of life and death for many living in Oakland.

Our neighbors should not have to resort to living in substandard conditions simply to have a roof over their heads, yet this is nothing new to many of the city’s residents.

Ghost Ship just publicized it for the world to see. Many Black and poor folks have been living in jeopardy for decades. This tragedy highlights the need for safe and stable living spaces for all Oakland residents.

At this juncture, it is critical that this tragedy and the safety concerns identified not be weaponized to displace even more residents from their homes.

We’re calling for a moratorium on red-tags and evictions and asking for housing resources to be provided immediately for those already displaced. In addition, we ask that city officials stop using divisive language to pit vulnerable populations against each other.

It is not only inappropriate but a gross failure of leadership for the elected officials and staff who have not only failed to halt the displacement which has created a housing crisis in Oakland, but who have also surrendered to a development driven agenda which has caused the need for these living situations in the first place.

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Source: Post News Group 2016