H3 Grant Program Guidelines

We are dedicated to assisting applicants that have a demonstrated plan to address organizational weaknesses.  The “3 Tier” funding platform is designed to streamline the process and produce more impactful results.

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Tier 1:

Applicants can request awards for one-time only funding. The funds can be used for a variety of purposes such as staff training, board development or retreats, strategic planning or sponsorships.

Our application process is designed to remove the complexity from the grant-making process by asking applicants to consider and then answer three basic questions about their organization or program.

1. What will the funding be used for?
2. What is the mission of your organization and how do you deliver services?
3. How do you know if your services have been effective?
4. If awarded, how will you know if your organization has been successful in achieving item #1?

Tier 2:

Grantees are encouraged to apply for additional funding to explore some aspect of strengthening the operations of their organizations. By utilizing an organizational assessment, we ask applicants to take a closer look at staff and board development, operations, funding strategies and other core elements of sustainable organizations.

Tier 2 grantees are required to use a portion of their award to hire a Technical Assistance Consultant to help them administer and interpret an organizational assessment. This assessment can be used to identify areas within the organization that need immediate attention. The application includes the following questions:

1. How did you use the funds in Tier 1?
2. Tell us how the funds helped you to achieve your goal? If you were not successful tell us what you need to be successful.
3. Explain how you will use the funds if awarded a Tier 2 grant?
4. Confirm your commitment to conduct an organizational assessment via a Technical Assistance Consultant.
5. What outcomes do you expect to achieve in Tier 2?

Tier 3:

Grantees are now ready to establish and implement a plan to address areas identified through the organizational assessment. Grant requests will include hiring a consultant to help in the design and implementation of a capacity building plan.

In Tier 3, our goal is to help your organization implement or apply well-researched characteristics of a sustainable organization. The application should describe the process and action taken in Tier 1 and Tier 2 including the results of the organizational assessment and a plan address. A copy of the organizational assessment should be attached to the application.

1. How did you use the funds in Tier 2?
2. If awarded, how will the funds be used to strengthen your organization’s
3. How will the components of the organizational assessment be incorporated?
4. How will you know if your organization has been successful in achieving item #2?
5. How will you use the consultant(s) included in your award?

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